Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reader's Digest caption contest: Wizard fun

This cartoon is the Beat the Cartoonist drawing in the April issue of Reader's Digest.

So far I've played two, won two, but can I make it third time lucky, or will a reader triumph this time? (Note: at the time of writing the competition is in the magazine, but not yet on the website.)

The theme for April's Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival is "Magic, Myth and Mystery" and this cartoon would have fitted in nicely, but I came up with it after the deadline for exhibition entries had passed.


  1. Wow, I love this! I'm doing a drawing that's due for English about the Hobbit and I used this in it! It reminds me of Gandalf and Bilbo!

  2. Thanks, Jane. Yes, Lord of the rings is what I was hinting at! By the way, cartoons are covered by copyright and it's best if you ask before using them, even if it's just for a school project.

  3. lol... i was too late to enter.... with..
    "right to roam" poppycock, you pay the toll like everyone else.
    or for the wolves cartoon earlier...
    big teeth, large eyes and prone to cross dressing,anyone you know?

  4. That "right to roam" line is not bad at all, Andrew, in fact I prefer it to any of the ones the readers came up with. But on balance I still prefer my own caption ;-)



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