Behind the Humour: Cartoonist Royston Robertson

Here's a short video about me and my cartoons, the process, how I got started in cartooning etc. If you can't see the video preview above, watch it on YouTube. It's nine minutes of me talking about my favourite subject, with lots of cartoons to illustrate it. It was great fun to do, many thanks to the excellent Dave Painter of HUTC productions who made it.

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Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2022

Any idiot can be prime minister: Here's me with my seaside peep board on Herne Bay Pier at the weekend. The Tory leadership contest rumbles on but this might still be relevant next year, the tenth anniversary of the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival, if we end up with another general election.

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Cartoons from the "culture wars"

Wherever you stand in the so-called culture wars -- on the left trying to forge a better future through the use of pronouns, or on the right insisiting that "wokery" will bring about the end of civilisation as we know it -- it's clear that it is a rich subject matter for cartoonists.

Here is a selection of cartoons on this subject, published in various magazines.

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