Music cartoon: Whale of a time

"Forget whale song, I'm giving them some death metal."

I haven't blogged as much as I'd have liked to lately. This is due to a combination of things, one of which is that I've been busy lately putting together a book collecting cartoons I've had published over the years. More on that once they're back from the printers, but in the meantime here's another cartoon from current issue of the Foghorn, the magazine of the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation.

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Not Yet Sold: Yet another HMV cartoon

"I've pimped your sound system."

As regular readers of this blog will know, I've done many, many HMV dog cartoons over the years. It's like an illness. Quite a few have been published but some, such as this one, are languishing in the Not Yet Sold files.

Click here for more in this series of rejected cartoons: Not Yet Sold.

As is often the case with my rejected cartoons though, this makes an unpaid appearance in the Foghorn, magazine of the Professional Cartoonists Organisation. I even coloured it in for them.

You can read an archive of the Foghorn online, just click the button on the right-hand column of this blog (scroll down). To buy a print subscription to the mag, which comes out six times a year, go here.


Conditions right at last for cloudspotting cartoon

"Hey, that one looks just like a visible mass of condensed water vapour floating in the atmosphere."

I got such a positive reaction to this cloudspotting cartoon which appeared in print a year ago, that I immediately tried to come up with more cartoons on the subject. The cartoon above is one of them and can be seen in this week's Private Eye.

As I've mentioned here before, there can be a large gap between a magazine taking a cartoon and it appearing in print. This one was taken in early March 2010, so it has been almost a year. That's nothing though, I think my personal record is still two years, as mentioned here, and I've heard of even longer waits from other cartoonists.

Royston's portfolio websiteRoyston's portfolio website


Humorous illustration: Social not working

As well as joke cartoons, I draw humorous illustrations to accompany magazine articles. Here's a social-networking cartoon which I was commissioned to draw for a business magazine. Or perhaps it's a social not working cartoon, the idea being that they're communicating online but not so well in the "offline" world.

Royston's portfolio website