Behind the Humour: Cartoonist Royston Robertson

Here's a short video about me and my cartoons, the process, how I got started in cartooning etc. If you cant see the video preview above, watch it on YouTube. It's nine minutes of me talking about my favourite subject, with lots of cartoons to illustrate it. It was great fun to do, many thanks to the excellent Dave Painter of HUTC productions who made it.

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Zoom: A new cartoon genre

Who could have seen the Zoom cartoon emerging as almost a genre in its own right? But the rise in home-working this year, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, means I've been drawing video-conferencing quite a lot this year. Here are some examples, gag cartoons, an illustration on various Zoom scenarios and a trade magazine strip.


Coronavirus cartoons

Like every other cartoonist in lockdown I've been drawing a lot of Covid-19 cartoons. Here's a selection of coronavirus chuckles from Private Eye and other magazines.

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Magazine cartoons

A selection of recently published magazine cartoons for your amusement. I hope they raised a smile in these difficult times ...

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