Science cartoon: The gravity of the situation

Newton discovers comedy

This, I suppose, is really a cartoon about cartoons. Animated Looney Tunes-style cartoons, that is.

It's odd that such a violent image as getting hit by an anvil, safe, piano etc, can be seen as the pinnacle of comedy. But, of course, we laugh because it's not us being hit by the anvil.

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Writing about other cartoonists

Unlike a lot of cartoonists' blogs, you won't find too much stuff about other cartoonists here. It's all a bit "me me me" isn't it? But there's a reason for that, it's because most of my articles about cartoon exhibitions, events etc appear at The Bloghorn, the online diary of the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation.

If you were to head over there now, you'd find a review of the exhibition Ray Lowry – London Calling, right, which I posted today, plus recent pieces on a Martin Rowson auction and the "Alex" show and an article about a cartoonist's football song.

This week I'll be seeing the Modern Toss exhibition, so I may well post something about that on The Bloghorn too.


Football cartoon: Make some noise

His Master's Vuvuzela

As the England football team face their final chance in the World Cup in South Africa tomorrow, here's a topical spin on a favourite cartooning theme. Paarp!

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Not Yet Sold: Office cartoon

"You were the last person I expected to fall down on the job, Trubshaw."

Here's another rejected cartoon for you. I liked this gag, but perhaps the reference to the Weebles toys was lost on anyone who wasn't brought up in the 1970s like me.

Click the link for more Not Yet Sold cartoons.

This gag has actually been given an airing, albeit in a non-earning fashion, as it appears in the latest edition of the Foghorn, the magazine of the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation.

You can read an archive of the Foghorn online, just click the button on the right-hand column of this blog (scroll down). To buy a print subscription to the mag, which comes out six times a year, go here.


Football cartoons: Bluffing it

The World Cup is here, time to dig out my one and only football cartoon! ...

"I must admit, your explanation of the offside rule was spot on."

OK, this old Reader's Digest cartoon is not quite my only football cartoon, but I haven't done many. Largely because I'm a bit like the guys in this cartoon:

"You know nothing about football either? So we've both spent TWO HOURS bluffing?"

Here's a recently published football cartoon, drawn to accompany an article about a new World Cup beer called 4-4-2. Now, beer is a subject I have done lots of cartoons about. Write about what you know, I say.

Footnote: Footnote! See what I did there? While on the subject, I recently posted an article about a cartoonist's World Cup song over at The Bloghorn.

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Rude Britannia: Some naughty cartoons

"Ignore that. It's just my inner child."

Inspired by the Rude Britannia show at Tate Britain, which opens this week, I thought I'd dig out a few naughty and/or juvenile cartoons.

Being a person of taste and culture – ahem – I don't normally do much of this kind of thing (OK, it's mainly because there aren't that many markets for it) but here's a selection of a few that I've sold over the years. Or rather, those that I'm not too embarrassed to put on my blog.

"Some blue-arsed fly you turned out to be."
"I suppose it had to happen."

"Have you considered becoming a kiss-and-tell slapper?"
"I'm sick of you wandering around in your underwear ..."

OK, that's quite enough filth! Normal family entertainment will resume as soon as possible.

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Captionless cartoon: A new Dalek

This week's caption contest on the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain public forum is a actually a no-caption contest. Instead, a theme is provided and you have to draw a "silent" cartoon to go with it. And the theme is Daleks. Having done so many Dalek cartoons in the past, I couldn't resist.

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