Football cartoons: Bluffing it

The World Cup is here, time to dig out my one and only football cartoon! ...

"I must admit, your explanation of the offside rule was spot on."

OK, this old Reader's Digest cartoon is not quite my only football cartoon, but I haven't done many. Largely because I'm a bit like the guys in this cartoon:

"You know nothing about football either? So we've both spent TWO HOURS bluffing?"

Here's a recently published football cartoon, drawn to accompany an article about a new World Cup beer called 4-4-2. Now, beer is a subject I have done lots of cartoons about. Write about what you know, I say.

Footnote: Footnote! See what I did there? While on the subject, I recently posted an article about a cartoonist's World Cup song over at The Bloghorn.

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