A cartoon for Halloween

"I miss the angry mob – they must be at home criticising you on Twitter again."

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Law cartoon: Court and antisocial

This was drawn to accompany an article in a law magazine, one of my regular jobs. I thought I'd throw in a topical reference to Judge Dredd, as the new film had just come out, and was pleased, and a little surprised, that they went for it.

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Film cartoon: Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-do

This is one for fans of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the original (and best) version of Roald Dahl's much-loved story.

It was fun to draw, and the famous Oompa-Loompa song ran through my head as I did so. The cartoon appears in the current issue of Saga magazine.

I considered writing "Royston tan cartoon" as the headline for this post, because whenever I Google myself (we've all done it) I get some results for the Singaporean film-maker Royston Tan, and I thought it would be funny if people searching for him find me instead. It may happen anyway now ... so hello Royston Tan fans!

In other news, a local paper, the Isle of Thanet Gazette, wrote a profile about me this week. Here's the picture they took. As you can see, I can draw three cartoons at the same time while balancing a bookshelf on my head. Read the interview here.

In case you're wondering what that small white thing is in the top right, it's a key from an old computer keyboard. Sometimes I press it.

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Cartoon postcard: How to be a carer

Sometimes my work is about cartoon illustration, rather than joke cartoons, as in this promotional postcard drawn for Crossroads Care in Greater Manchester. Click here to find out about commissioning custom-made cartoons.


The Spectator meets The Walking Dead

"Zombies! The worst kind ..."

Here's a cartoon about zombies that appears in the current issue of The Spectator. It's not a show that usually inspires cartoon ideas, but I came up with this after watching an episode of The Walking Dead.

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Drawing for RD at the V&A

Much fun was had last Sunday at the Battle of the Cartoonists, part of the launch of this year's Big Draw, at the V&A in London. That's me, centre, above, with Steve Way, left, and Rob Murray, working on the Reader's Digest banner. Also on our team were Simon Meyrick-Jones and Nathan Ariss.

We were assigned the Raphael cartoon The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, so we drew a bunch of characters around an approximation of it – thanks, Steve! – some reacting to it, some not so much.

As usual, the drawing surface was horrible and the pens were smudgy, but the results have a certain scruffy appeal. Here's a few of the bits I drew.

Yes, I drew a Dalek, purely to appeal to the kids! It seemed to do the trick. And I make no apologies for the Salvador Dalek groaner.

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Afterwards we ate, drank and got a little too merry, as is required at these things. Oh, and we didn't win. Private Eye won. Private Eye always win.

(Thanks to Ger Whyman and Nikki Harries for the photo).