Family cartoon: Saving energy

"Don't disturb your father when he's in stand-by mode."

I drew the cartoons for the Money pages of the new issue of Reader's Digest. Here's one of them, which illustrated an article on energy-saving devices.

This doubles as a word of advice to my own children, who often see me on stand-by when we watch kids' films at the cinema, especially ones involving lots of CGI animals. I can feel my eyelids going heavy just talking about it.

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Not Yet Sold: Ceiling groovy

"There's an app for that."

One from my rejection pile, which I like to ironically refer to as the "Not Yet Sold" pile. You can see more NYS cartoons here.

I wrote something longer than a cartoon caption

I saw a message on Twitter last week asking if anyone wanted to write about the easiest novels to finish for Sabotage Times, the website run by James Brown, who launched and originally edited Loaded magazine. I ended up telling them about a book club I joined a few months ago: You can read it here.


Stars on Canvas charity auction starts

The Stars on Canvas 2012 charity auction begins today and runs until December 2. That's my contribution above, which is in the Illustration section. You can bid for small canvases by cartoonists and illustrators as well as dozens by famous names from the worlds of sport, music and entertainment.

It is in aid of the Willow Foundation, which works with seriously ill 16 to 40-year-olds. The charity arranges special days and experiences to allow for a break from the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment.

The canvases will be sold online and will be exhibited at Maddox Arts, a London gallery that has donated the space. For details on how the auction works, visit the Stars on Canvas website.


Fairytale cartoon: Dressing up

"Once I'd tried on those clothes at your Grandmother's, I knew there was no going back.

This cartoon is probably very "wrong" on many levels. I apologise in advance. This could be a sequel to this cartoon except Red appears to have got younger. From the current Saga magazine.

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Snow joke, it's that time of year again

I drew one of the Private Eye Christmas cards this year. You can see it by taking a magnifying glass to the bottom right-hand corner of the above promo image. Yes, it's another snowman cartoon (I'll post it here nearer the time). You get the pack of 12 cards when you subscribe, but they're also available to buy. Visit the Private Eye website.

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Technology cartoon: Case closed

"It's tough to admit that now I will never own a bookcase which swings open to reveal a hidden room ..."

I'm avoiding the whole e-books revolution, primarily for this reason.

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