Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Swine flu cartoon

"With swine flu, we need to get the message across to the public that there is no need to panic."

This was drawn for a publication for health service managers. It's a regular commission I've had for some years, and the cartoon always features the same characters at a board meeting. So it was fun to put them all in swine flu masks.

You can see other cartoons in the series here, here, and (a very old one) here.

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  1. I like the suitably panicked look on their faces. Nice use of spot colour too!

  2. i like the way it's the same set-up every time -- must be tough coming up with new twists though, 'specially if you've been doing it since (at least)2003!

  3. Thanks, Tim.

    Yeah, it's an odd one, Will. But the client was adamant from the start that he wanted the same board meeting every time! It can be fun introducing props, the occasional one-off character etc.

  4. Too gud.. this cartoon epitomizes the entire swine flu episode.. Gr8 work robertson

  5. Thanks. And you can call me Royston ;-)



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