A Kent horse and a seaside folk festival

Through the medium of a cartoon in a Kent newspaper, this week I attempted to solve an ongoing problem that is troubling the good people of the county.

For those not in the know, although Mark Wallinger's white horse design, which is to stand at Ebbsfleet, has been agreed (and dubbed "the Angel of the South" by the media) there are many in Kent who want it to be a rearing horse, the traditional "invicta" symbol of the county. With a little ingenuity, I reckon we could keep both camps happy ...

Might need a bit of extra public funding, and quite a bit of maintenance, but I reckon it could work!

More local news: Broadstairs Folk Week, the annual festival which takes over our town for a week every August, got going at the weekend. Here are a few on-the-spot sketches from the daily fun and games laid on for the kids at the seafront bandstand. Drawn on official Folk Week headed notepaper! (Click to enlarge.)

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