Money cartoon: Thinking ahead

"I told him about his pension -- now he's sulking because he wants to take early retirement."

Here's a cartoon drawn for the Money page of September's Reader's Digest. It accompanies an article about getting pensions for your children. No, really. As if clothing them, feeding them and keeping them in the latest gadgets isn't enough, they now want a retirement plan too!


Come and see me talk about cartoons

I'm doing a free talk about my cartoons, with slideshow, as part of the Summer Squall arts festival in Ramsgate. It's at the Kings Theatre at 11am on Bank Holiday Monday, August 26.

It'll be a bit like the cartoon talk I did in 2010, above, but with more recent cartoons and a different shirt. Apparently the venue this time is very large (gulp) so there's no need to book, you can just turn up on the day (please do!)

There's more on the arts festival here.


Private Eye cartoon: Twitter abuse

From the current issue of Private Eye, a cartoon about Twitter abuse, and the site's seeming reluctance to tackle the problem. This one comes with a celebrity endorsement!


Going live in Herne Bay

The Cartoonists in the Bandstand event in Herne Bay on August 3rd was a huge success (I'm a bit late to writing about this, but I've been away for a week).

As the event was celebrating 100 years since Marcel Duchamp lived in the town, we all drew loads of art-based cartoons. There were more to be seen in galleries and pubs. Here's me imagining the birth of the art critic, while getting sunburnt. (Photo above by Kasia Kowalska).

I put together a photo-based account of the day here.

"No! It is picture of hunt! It not 'really about inner conflict'!" 

Click here to buy Royston's cartoon book


Cartoon illustration: Tweets beside the seaside

I wrote an article on the Twitter scene here in the Thanet area for the local Isle magazine. It's quite a vibrant scene and a great way to keep up with what's happening. I drew the above illustration to go with it.

Should you wish to, you can read the article online here. It's on page 83.

Political cartoon: The swivel eyes have it

The Kentish Gazette asked Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, if the rumours were true that he is to run in Canterbury at the next election. His response: "There is always so much flying around about what I might or not be doing. My advice is don’t get too excited about it.”

The latter part struck me as a particularly appropriate UKIP election slogan ...