Finance cartoon: End of the holidays

"I have nothing to declare but the fact that I am completely skint."

As the summer holidays come to an end, here's a cartoon that seems relevant. This was drawn for the money pages of July's Reader's Digest, to illustrate an article about holiday spending and the poor value of the pound.

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Film cartoon: All rise

I haven't yet seen Rotpota, as the cool kids call it, but I intend to. I'm a fan of the original and I hope that the new one will finally eradicate the appalling Tim Burton "re-imagining" from my memory. This cartoon can be seen in this week's edition of The Spectator.

Here's another cartoon on an "Ascent of Man" riff.


Boardroom cartoon: Game on

"Don't worry if you don't know the rules – we're making it up as we go along."

In the light of the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World, a business client wanted a cartoon about how organisations can deal with the issue of accountability, to establish who is ultimately responsible when things go wrong instead of playing the "blame game".

This series of cartoons always features the same characters, always in a boardroom scenario. It's fun thinking up new variations. See more here.

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Not Yet Sold: Astrology cartoon

"Hey, what sign are you?"

Quite often when I dig out cartoons for this occasional feature on much-rejected gags I think, "Hmm, if I change this guy a bit, and maybe reword that" ... and the cartoon ends up being reworked, rather than shown here.

This is one I've pretty much given up on though. It still makes me chuckle, but sometimes you have to admit defeat. What do you think? All comments welcome below, as usual.

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Beat the Cartoonist: Vote now

"Tut! Men and their sheds, eh?"
"He agreed we should provide accommodation for my mother."
"There must be better ways to shed weight."
"I always use the home-delivery service these days."

These are the captions for Beat the Cartoonist on the Reader's Digest site. You can vote for your favourite here. There are three from readers plus mine. I'm not going to reveal which is mine, of course. Bearing in mind recent news events, there's probably a looting joke here somewhere.


Law cartoon: Monster fun

Drawing cartoons for trade and business magazines inevitably means you do a lot of office-based cartoons. That's fine -- particularly as office cartoons often allow for re-use sales later on -- but occasionally it's nice to let rip with something a bit more extravagant, and I think this one is certainly that.

It was drawn for a law magazine to illustrate an article about claiming for vehicles rather than accepting a courtesy car from an insurer. Apparently some people get a bit carried away in their choice of vehicle, so I thought a monster truck would fit the bill.

I'm not usually a fan of drawing vehicles, but Google image search was my friend here. I can't be certain, but I think I may even have emitted a few "vroom-vroom" noises while drawing this.

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