Arachnid chuckles and comics festival fun

I've never really been one for Halloween or cartoons about it, so please accept this cartoon about spiders instead. They're a bit scary, aren't they? This can be seen in the current issue of Private Eye.

Here's a massive one I spotted in the house we stayed in when I visited the Lakes Comic Art Festival with the Cartoonists' Club a couple of weeks ago.

I probably should have blogged about the event really and posted photos other than one of a spider, but never mind. It was very good and I sold lots of cartoon books, cards and prints. And I chucked the spider out of the window.

Here's me, left, drawing with Tim Harries on the Cartoonists' Club stall (from this LICAF page).

And here's a cartoon I drew there, which you'll probably only get it you go to these sort of events, to be honest.


Legal matters: Some law cartoons

Here are some cartoons drawn for the Benchmarks column of the Law Society's Gazette, the trade magazine for solicitors. These always accompany difficult and often very dry subjects, but you can have a bit of fun with them. That's what the cartoon is there for, after all.


Magazine cartoon: Spud you like

"Can you take your feet of the seat, please sir?"

A cartoon from the October edition of The Oldie.