Music cartoon: Memory man

"You know what they say: if you can remember the Sixties then talk about them endlessly on BBC Four documentaries."

Actually, I really like BBC Four's music documentaries, but we have probably done the Sixties now, so it's good that they're also doing some great ones about bands of the Seventies and Eighties. I particularly enjoyed the recent ones on Squeeze, the Undertones, and, yes, Chas 'n' Dave. This cartoon is in the February issue of Prospect.


The art of the snowman

"That Gormley kid is such a show-off"

Here's a snow cartoon. Because it's been snowing. Do you see? I don't just throw this stuff together, you know. This is from Saga magazine.

I'm no Antony Gormley when it comes to snowmen. I built one at the weekend with my kids, and this is how he looked this morning. Remarkably relaxed for someone whose face has fallen off and is about to collapse (he did, a couple of hours later).


Cartoon illustration: An Orwellian future

Today is the first George Orwell Day. Here's an illustration I drew for a law magazine just before Christmas.

It accompanied an article satirising the future of the legal profession, which suggested parallels with Nineteen Eighty-Four. "Big Board" and "Oceania Legal Services" are references to the Legal Services Board, which regulates lawyers in England and Wales.


Private Eye cartoon: Anger management

"Do you think, perhaps, you are really angry at yourself?"

My son was chuffed that I managed to get a cartoon about Angry Birds into a magazine but now he wants me to do one about Minecraft. I'm not sure it has the same crossover potential with a grown-up readership.


One for the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

"So ... where do you see yourself in four million years?"

This is a colour print submitted for exhibition at the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival, which takes place in April. I'll be attending and will be drawing and painting one of the Big Boards (6ft by 8ft) in the market square. The theme this year is "Time". Click here to see previous posts about Shrewsbury.