Behind the Humour: Cartoonist Royston Robertson

Here's a short video about me and my cartoons, the process, how I got started in cartooning etc. If you can't see the video preview above, watch it on YouTube. It's nine minutes of me talking about my favourite subject, with lots of cartoons to illustrate it. It was great fun to do, many thanks to the excellent Dave Painter of HUTC productions who made it.

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Cartoons in living colour

A lot of my cartoons are black and white linework, so here are some recent examples of full-colour published work.

Click any image to enlarge.

Law Society Gazette cover, illustrating an article on how to use LinkedIn.
Cartoon for The Critic magazine.
The Broadstairs Beacon features a cartoon by me in each issue.
From Saga Magazine.
A company Christmas card.
Cartoon for Mischief Comedy, the people behind The Play that Goes Wrong
Book cover illustration.
Doctor Who cartoon from the late, lamented Reader's Digest UK.

A Private Eye Christmas card.
And finally, here's one you can print and colour yourself! From the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation's Great British Colouring Book

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You want magazine cartoons? I got 'em

Here's a somewhat random selection of cartoons (I think this is what the young people call a pic dump) from various UK newsstand magazines over recent months. Enjoy! Click any image to enlarge.
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2022 in 20 cartoons

My review of the year in 1min 39 secs. If you can't see the video preview above, watch it on YouTube.

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Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2022

Any idiot can be prime minister: Here's me with my seaside peep board on Herne Bay Pier at the weekend. The Tory leadership contest rumbles on but this might still be relevant next year, the tenth anniversary of the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival, if we end up with another general election.

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Cartoons from the "culture wars"

Wherever you stand in the so-called culture wars -- on the left trying to forge a better future through the use of pronouns, or on the right insisiting that "wokery" will bring about the end of civilisation as we know it -- it's clear that it is a rich subject matter for cartoonists.

Here is a selection of cartoons on this subject, published in various magazines.

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Keeping busy

Oops, no blog posts for ages. Hardly surprising when I've got cartoons like this to draw! A Where's Wally style take (don't go looking for him though) on industry trade shows. Drawn for the front cover of Skip Hire magazine's September issue.

Click to enlarge.

I also draw a regular strip for the magazine, the 100th of which, incredibly to me, is in the current (November 2021) issue.
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Setting sail for the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival

I drew the poster for this year's Herne Bay Cartoon Festival. Click to enlarge. You'll need to, I packed a lot of jokes into it. Some of them are even not about Covid.

The main festival exhibition is now up at Beach Creative, I've got a few cartoons in there. Some of them are even not about Covid. And there's a Giles exhibition at the Seaside Museum. The live event takes place on the Pier this Sunday (August 1).

You'll find all the details you need over at the Procartoonists.org blog.


Royston cartoons exhibition now open

My cartoon exhibition Long Time, No See is now on at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate. It runs until midday on May 12. There are more than 70 top gags from Private Eye, The Spectator, Reader's Digest etc on Covid and much else. Most are signed and framed prints plus there are some originals for sale and books, cards and postcards.

Due to Covid restrictions I can't have a private view/opening but I'm aiming to be in the gallery at various times on Saturday and Sunday, and possibly other days too, so get in touch if you want to have socially distanced cartoony chat.

Long Time, No See: An Exhibition of Cartoons by Royston is at York Street Gallery, 22 York Street, Ramsgate.

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New cartoon exhibition in Ramsgate

I will be hanging this exhibition, with Mike Samson at York Street Gallery from 1pm next Wednesday (May 5). It runs for a week (finishing midday May 12). It was postponed last May, because of the pandemic, but is now a very different show than it would have been.

There are lots of cartoons on a certain theme ...
But there are many other subjects covered too, cartoons new and old. There are around 70-odd in total, the biggest show I've held by far, and my first solo show that is in a gallery rather than a pub!

There will be some original artwork for sale but it is mostly signed prints, all available at affordable prices.

So if you're in the area do come along and have a laugh. We all need it.

Read more at the Isle of Thanet News here


Zoom: A new cartoon genre

Who could have seen the Zoom cartoon emerging as almost a genre in its own right? But the rise in home-working this year, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, means I've been drawing video-conferencing quite a lot this year. Here are some examples, gag cartoons, an illustration on various Zoom scenarios and a trade magazine strip.