Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2015

Having helped organise the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival on 2 August, and having put together articles for the Procartoonists blog and the Cartoonists' Club magazine about it, I thought I should probably put something on my own blog before the month is out.

The photo above by Gerard Wyman, in which I'm contributing to one of the "communal" boards, sums up the day for me: I'm wearing a silly hat to keep off the sun and sitting on the ground, knackered after an exhausting but hugely fun day. There's a lot more on the aforementioned Procartoonists blog, but here are a few other Herne Bay bits and pieces.

There were many cartoons about nuisance seagulls -- as they have been in the news recently and this was a seaside cartoon festival -- here's one of my contributions. Pic by Karol Steele.

This photo by Kasia Kowalska was taken at the opening of the Martin Honeysett exhibition. I mentioned to Tim Harries that we look like the worst ever blues duo, so he made this. 

I'm not sure that it would be easy listening, to be honest.

Talking of easy listening ... here's a cartoon from the main festival exhibition. Yes, I am a ukulele player but I do understand that the ubiquity of ukuleles these days is, er, not appreciated by everyone.

Cuttings from the Herne Bay Gazette. Click to enlarge and read

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Magazine cartoon: Man's best friend

"Yes, we're very dog friendly! Such clever animals ..."

Here's a cartoon from the current issue of Isle Magazine, a local what's on/listings publication. It accompanied an article about dog-friendly restaurants and pubs.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Magazine cartoons: Odd parenting

Here's a cartoon from the new issue of The Oldie. Hi-vis jackets is one of those topics I seem to go back to again and again. And here's another one about odd parenting from the last issue of Private Eye.
"You can over-encourage kids, you know."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Draw the Line Here cartoon book

I've go a couple of cartoons in Draw the Line Here, a cartoon book in aid of the families of those killed in the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Here's one of them, above left.

The book is produced by the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation in association with English Pen, which campaigns for freedom of expression, and the crowdfunding platform Crowdshed. It features a foreword by Radio 4 presenter and cartoon enthusiast Libby Purves.

You can buy the book here or at Amazon, here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Four Candles Guide to Brewing

This was a fun commission. Mike Beaumont, landlord of the Four Candles micropub here in Broadstairs, which is my local, asked me to come up with a large cartoon poster on the brewing process.

It was drawn to mark the fact that the pub recently started making its own beer on the premises and is now officially Britain's smallest brewpub.

The idea was to show how ale is made -- where and when the hops and barley are added, timings, temperatures etc -- in a humorous way, while including daft comments from many of the regulars. I am a regular in the pub, so I know you get a lot of daft comments in there!

Here's some detail from the board:

Once finished, we had it printed on a 107cm by 193cm Foamex board and laminated, because it has been placed by the stillage, where all the casks go, so it's sure to get splashed a lot.

How to commission Royston

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Greetings cards

Here are two new greetings cards available from Country Cards. Both are previously published magazine gags that get a second outing in card form. Which is nice.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Election cartoons: Don't forget to vote

This looks like being the tightest general election in years, so your vote really counts folks, don't forget to use it.

I live in the South Thanet constituency, where the Ukip leader is running to try to become an MP, so I also offer this less than impartial cartoon. Click the image to enlarge.

That was drawn for a friend who got fed up of seeing all the Ukip banners around town, so he asked me to design one that he could stick on his house!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drawing at the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

Photos © Mike Ashton, the festival photographer. Click images to enlarge

Belatedly, here are a couple of pics from this year's Shrewsbury festival. No time for a full blog post this year, but it was all the usual fun ... see Shrewsbury posts from over the past ten years! I drew a compendium of gags on my big board, on the festival theme of "Style".

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Technology cartoon: No time for downtime

"It's nice to come here and get a break from the office."

This cartoon is in the April issue of Prospect magazine. Yes, it's yet another tech cartoon. Sounds like another chance to plug Cartoons on Demand!

Fairytale cartoon: How to rework a joke

"You wake up after 100 years and the first thing you do is check your phone?"

Sometimes, though not very often, it's possible to write a new caption for a rejected topical cartoon. This one was originally about #wakeupcall selfies.

Remember that craze? I wouldn't be at all surprised if you didn't. It was billed as the new #icebucketchallenge but unlike that craze it seemed to fall out of fashion just as my gag was hitting the desks of cartoon editors. So it was dead on arrival.

However, I decided it could be reworked as a more general joke about the way we use phones and off it went again. It appears in this week's Spectator.

I also removed a "with apologies" from the signature, because although the drawing is clearly based on Disney's Sleeping Beauty, the fairytale is not an exclusively Disney thing and it felt like that was getting in the way of the joke somehow.

It is, of course, yet another cartoon about technology. You can see lots more in my book Cartoons on Demand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Business magazine cartoon: All fired up

Here's a cartoon for this week's Law Gazette which accompanies an article called "How to sack a client". I was quite pleased with the caricature of Lord Sugar ...

... it feels like redemption for this one I did in a live-drawing event in Ramsgate last summer, where the likeness didn't go quite as planned. But at least I had a good get-out clause for the speech bubbles ...


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