Magritte cartoon: But is it art?

I had to explore a few new Photoshop techniques to colour this cartoon, which is in the new issue of Prospect magazine, in an attempt to make it look something like the Rene Magritte original.

For any international readers who don't get the joke, five portions of fresh fruit and veg daily is the official recommendation from the UK government's health experts. I believe it varies in other countries. I heard it was 15 in Japan. I can't even name that many ;- )

This cartoon is in the same issue.


Art exhibition shows bare gallery

This is definitely one of those "it's not April the 1st is it?" moments.

Spot the Difference

Oh, OK, there isn't one, they're all the same. And the kids are noticing. When my four-year-old saw a poster for Open Season the other day, he said, "Daddy that looks a bit like Over The Hedge". But he still wants to see it. And I just read that there's a new film out this week called Barnyard, which features ... a bunch of wacky CGI animals. Joy.


Cartoons drawn on-Spec

I've got two cartoons in the current issue of The Spectator.

I was very pleased as it's the first time I've appeared in this magazine. I've tried many times, as you can see here ...


Cartoon book: International lampooning

Three of my cartoons feature in the new book Favorite Cartoons of the 21st Century, published by National Lampoon in the US. Here's one of them ...

Most of the cartoons in the book are of the "sick humour" school of cartooning. I had quite a few on file to choose from.

An ideal stocking filler! Amazon.co.uk has it


Down to Margate

In the corner of Kent in which I live there is not an overabundance of arts and culture. Galleries are thin on the ground, most of the cinemas show rubbish films and decent bands seldom play here. So it was refreshing when one of the UK's foremost artists, the sculptor Antony Gormley, creator of the Angel of the North, came to the area and built a colossal effigy of a man out of old junk ...

then set fire to it ...

It was quite a spectacle. The Waste Man, as it was called, was part of a film being made with local people called The Margate Exodus. More here.