Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cartoon book: International lampooning

Three of my cartoons feature in the new book Favorite Cartoons of the 21st Century, published by National Lampoon in the US. Here's one of them ...

Most of the cartoons in the book are of the "sick humour" school of cartooning. I had quite a few on file to choose from.

An ideal stocking filler! Amazon.co.uk has it


  1. ha -- nice gag

  2. Terrific gag, Royston! Love them slippers too :)
    I never got my act together in time to submit. Would have been nice to put 'National Lampoon' on the CV. Will have to wait til the next lot of submissions.

  3. Thanks guys. I must admit, this was one of those gags where as I was drawing it I was going, "Heh! Heh! Oh yes, this is the one ..." Which of course meant that it was subsequently rejected by every magazine in Britain.



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