Magazine cartoon: Things to do

"Busy weekend ahead?"

I drew this cartoon for the listings section of Isle, a local magazine. The idea is to show the wealth of outdoor activities available, or at least will be if the winter ever ends.

The background is based on the seafront here in Broadstairs, which some say is the best place to live by the sea in Britain.

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New cartoon book in aid of Comic Relief

I've got two cartoons in The Little Red Nose-E-Book of Cartoons, which is published by the Cartoonists' Club and is available now.

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Cartoons are a timeless solution

"I'm worried we might have exceeded our annual leave entitlement."

Here's another cartoon submitted for exhibition at this year's Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival, where the theme this year is "Time".

The cartoon was originally published in Prospect magazine in 2010 and I remember thinking at the time that it was a good example of how cartoons can be used as a spot of light relief amid a lot of text. Click here for details on commissioning cartoons.

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Cartoon illustration: Estuary airport

I was commissioned to draw a humorous illustration for a newpaper supplement on the proposed Estuary airport in Kent. The idea was to reflect the different arguments and points of view that residents are having to deal with.

Represented are: Boris Johnson, Mayor of London as the pro lobby (the plan has been dubbed Boris Island); the anti-airport Medway council leader; environmentalists' concerns about the threat to rare wildlife; and the slightly worrying close proximity of an old gas plant and a sunken ship full of explosives!

Whatever happens, we can only hope that the wishes of residents are not treated with contempt, as is so often the case. See You've Been Trumped, a highly recommended documentary, which I saw last week. Seek it out, but be warned: it will make you angry.