Reader's Digest cartoon: The family way

I find my best cartoons are the ones inspired by real-life events. I recently met a married couple who had a young child plus a boy and a girl who were from each of their previous marriages. I was finding it hard to remember which kid was the offspring of which parent when it occurred to me ... what if the parents couldn't keep track? Hey, cartoon idea! This gag is in the August issue of Reader's Digest. By the way, no comment is intended on what the media has taken to calling "blended" families. It's just a joke.


Birthday cartoon: The Big Four Oh-No

This is a cartoon I drew for an invitation to a 40th birthday party. It was easy for me to think of an idea for this as I'm reaching that milestone myself in a few months. I like to think I look better than the guy in the cartoon though ...


Private Eye cartoon: Summer at last!

Private Eye magazine took this cartoon some months ago. I assume that the reason it only appeared this week is that it kind of depends on fine weather! It would have looked a bit silly if they had run the cartoon amid all the gags about rain and floods. Obviously I knew it was a non-topical joke when I sent it, therefore it would have a longer shelf-life, but for a while it became kind of anti-topical. Anyway, we've had some fine weather for a short while at least – been out enjoying it myself today – so finally it gets its, er, moment in the sun.

I regularly draw cartoons for the Law Society's Gazette, so I can draw barristers, judges etc with my eyes closed.


Website cartoons: Pop Idol for cartoonists

The cartoon section of the Reader's Digest (US) website appears to have been revamped, with lots of great cartoons added and even biographies of some of the regular contributors. It's good too see a magazine that values cartoons in this way.

One of my cartoons is on there, in the "Surprise Me!" category, and I was a bit taken aback to see that the gags are rated by the public. It's like a cartoon version of Pop Idol or The X-Factor! Still, four out of five ain't too shabby (click image to enlarge) ...