Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sex cartoon: What to do afterwards?

I was commissioned to do bunch of cartoons on the theme of relationships for a forthcoming book. Here's one of them. And, yes, it's yet another blogging cartoon. Surely the well will run dry on that theme soon?

As you can see, I've gone for that old comedy stand-by, the post-coital cigarette, to indicate that sexual congress has just taken place. But even as I was drawing the cartoon, I was thinking that it's probably a cartoon signifier that should be retired. It's difficult to know how else to suggest that they have just "done it", without the cartoon getting too graphic, but the post-sex fag does seem a bit dated. Maybe something else will take it's place. All suggestions welcome ...

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  1. How about post sex nicotine gum? Na, it'll never work.

  2. Ha, no I don't think so. Plus, with a mouthful of gum, the caption would become "Mrrmm moo brmphlogging miss?"

  3. If you wanted something kinkier, I suppose he could be unlocking himself from handcuffs attached to the headboard...

  4. I think we'd be getting into a whole other area there!



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