Friday, October 31, 2008

Desert island cartoon: A personal milestone

The desert island is probably the most well-worn gag-cartoon scenario. I've drawn a few over the years, though not that many. But I think this is the first one to appear in a newsstand magazine, which must be some sort of personal milestone, I suppose.

It is one of three cartoons by me in the November issue of Reader's Digest. I was surprised to see so many used in the one issue, though obviously I was also pretty happy about it!

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  1. first published desert island cartoon?? amazing.

    congrats on the hat-trick! haven't seen the issue yet -- am i in it?

  2. I know. I hit the target with a psychiatrist's couch gag very early on ... but the desert island has eluded me! I've not actually done that many though, it's always tricky trying to come up with something that hasn't been done before.

    No, you're not in this one, I'm afraid, Wilbur. Still, you're doing OK elsewhere ...

  3. Cracking gag Royston, and well done on the triple!


  4. It's really superb, a great double cliche! The island and the bottle banks. Man, I must see how I can combine two things like that. Actually, thinking about it, I've already done it: The psychiatrist's couch and the goldfish bowl.

    I sent off what I thought would be MY first desert island cartoon in print to PE, but once again the cartoonist has been revealed to know nothing, as they took two different ones from the batch!

  5. Only in the world of cartoons could "double cliche" be a compliment! Thanks, Alex.



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