Digest caption competition: update

The deadline for suggestions for Reader's Digest's "Beat the Cartoonist" competition has passed, and you can now vote on your favourite caption. Or at least, that's what it says on the site, I couldn't see the four alternatives there. So watch this space, or, better still, watch this space: The "Beat the Cartoonist" web page

UPDATE UPDATED!: OK, the four options are there now.

UPDATED UPDATE UPDATED!: They're not there anymore, which I suppose means voting has closed. I belive that means the winner will be announced in the October issue, which comes out in about a month. Oh, the suspense! This is like The X-Factor. Of course, if the public don't vote my caption the funniest, I'll just sulk and point out that mine is the correct one as it's my blummin' cartoon, alright?

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