Friday, July 15, 2011

Celebrities cartoon: Red turns up the Heat

"Ohmigod, what big ears she has! Ohmigod, what a big nose she has! ..."

Here's a cartoon from the current Private Eye. This was on a page that was dedicated entirely to gag cartoons, which was good to see.

This is another where I've combined a contemporary issue with a fairy tale. In this case the story came first. I was thinking about those famous lines when it occurred to me that Red Riding Hood has a quite superficial obsession with personal appearance ...

Click here to buy Royston's cartoon book


  1. top work, squire.
    and yes, good to see the Eye publishing plenty of cartoons.

  2. Yes, good gag! Another of your 'spot colour' gags too. The red really made it stand out on the full page.

    I've done a few cartoons lately with similar spot colour and always think 'hmm, definite Royston influence here..." Where shall I send the royalty cheque? :)

  3. Cheers, chaps. Tim, send the cheque to Ed McLachlan. In fairness, I think he got there first!

  4. Meh! Lazy.
    colour it all in

  5. Heh, you're just jealous, Len, because the spot red draws the reader's eye away from your cartoon ...



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