Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can you beat the cartoonist?

What on earth is going on here? It's one of my drawings being used in the "Beat the Cartoonist" caption contest in the new Reader's Digest, that's what.

Click here if you can you think of a caption. The three best suggestions will be posted on the magazine's website by August 11, alongside my original caption (anonymously, of course). Visitors to the site then vote for their favourite. The winner gets £100 and the original drawing.

If the cartoonist wins, he gets a big head. So far I've played three, won three, but can this winning streak possibly continue? Watch this space. Well, not actually this space but an updated blog post later. Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I've been on my holidays. So now I feel suitably refreshed (by which I mean, it rained all week).


  1. i entered, but you hav an advantage of knowing the caption before yoi draw it!
    fun anyway =)

  2. That's the challenge if it, Tara ;-)

    The cartoonist's drawing is obviously created to go with the caption, so it's up to the reader to see if they can write one that is funnier and still fits. I'm not sure what the latest tally is, but I can assure you that the readers have won many times and were well in the lead at one point. I've been lucky. So far ...



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