Rude Britannia: Some naughty cartoons

"Ignore that. It's just my inner child."

Inspired by the Rude Britannia show at Tate Britain, which opens this week, I thought I'd dig out a few naughty and/or juvenile cartoons.

Being a person of taste and culture – ahem – I don't normally do much of this kind of thing (OK, it's mainly because there aren't that many markets for it) but here's a selection of a few that I've sold over the years. Or rather, those that I'm not too embarrassed to put on my blog.

"Some blue-arsed fly you turned out to be."
"I suppose it had to happen."

"Have you considered becoming a kiss-and-tell slapper?"
"I'm sick of you wandering around in your underwear ..."

OK, that's quite enough filth! Normal family entertainment will resume as soon as possible.

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