Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Humorous illustration: Social not working

As well as joke cartoons, I draw humorous illustrations to accompany magazine articles. Here's a social-networking cartoon which I was commissioned to draw for a business magazine. Or perhaps it's a social not working cartoon, the idea being that they're communicating online but not so well in the "offline" world.

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Not far from the truth with this one Royston! I remember seeing people at uni talking to each other through chat, in the SAME room!

  2. It`s a good cartoon,Royston and true to life.

  3. Thanks, chaps. Bernie, I remember a scene in 80s movie Pretty in Pink where a guy tried to pick up Molly Ringwald that way ... so it's been going on a while!

  4. I like that - or maybe I should say, I'm like that.

    If there was only one cubicle it'd be a cartoonist - how much drawing do you get done between browsing?

  5. Thanks, Paul. Yes, it's a problem. People say "switch the net off when you're working", but you can't run Google Image Search on fresh air.



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