Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Yet Sold: Dalek cartoon

"Every time you use that word you exterminate part of yourself."

Here's number 2 in my exclusive new part-work series Not Yet Sold, which builds week-by-week into a chronicle of blind hope and failure.

This rejected cartoon from 2007 is one of many Dalek gags I've done over the years (click Daleks in labels below to see a few) but I thought this one had a bit more substance as it's not just a joke about the usual Doctor Who/Dalek cliches (climbing stairs, hiding behind the sofa etc). Alas, it has been submitted to many magazines, with no luck.

It remains a personal favourite though, I just like the idea of a Dalek struggling with his true nature and seeing a shrink. Maybe, in a parallel universe, it was a hit ...

As ever, feedback and constructive criticism on the Not Yet Sold cartoons (or any on the blog) is welcome and, indeed, encouraged.

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2011

    I think it's completely brilliant. No idea why no one bought it. Sorry. :(

    I love how it's so completely clear what the psychologist is referring to, and the idea that the Dalek is trying to make peace with itself. (And hey, hasn't the Tennant episode "Daleks in Manhattan" practically made that canon for at least one Dalek?) ;)

  2. Thanks, yamx. Yes, maybe we'll start to see *sensitive* Daleks in future episodes, so jokes like this will be redundant in the same way that cartoons about them being unable to climb stairs became outdated ;-)



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