Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Yet Sold: Technology cartoon

"Let the machine get it."

I've played it fairly safe, so far, with this series of rejected cartoons, showing either gags that came close at a magazine, with some encouraging noises, or ones that have got a good reaction when shown to colleagues and friends.

This one never came close, and I don't think I've ever shown it to anyone else. It's just one that amuses me! I'll often use the phrase "Let the machine get it" if I don't want to be disturbed when the phone rings, and I just liked the idea that you would have some kind of steam-driven machine that potters around the house doing chores.

The absurdity of it appeals to me and I had fun drawing the machine (I confess, I made whirring and whooshing noises to myself, in an Oliver Postgate style, as I drew it!) But maybe it's just me. Comments welcome, as ever.

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  1. Nothing wrong with absurdity, in fact everything's right with absurdity. Funny cartoon!

  2. Thanks, Surreal. I agree, absurd is good. Not sure all editors/cartoon eds think the same way though.



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