Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reader's Digest caption contest: Result

"He may be a super-villain to you, but do you have any idea how many jobs he's created for the local area?"

You many remember I mentioned that this cartoon of mine was the Reader's Digest "Beat the Cartoonist" drawing in the August issue.

The idea was that readers submitted their captions, and the three best ones were posted on the website alongside my original wording, with no clue as to which was the original, of course. Visitors to the site were then asked to choose their favourite.

Well the good news, revealed in the October issue, is that they made the correct decision ... in other words they voted for my caption! It's the first time for five months that the cartoonist has won. My fellow scribblers, the fightback begins here ...
Royston's portfolio website


  1. Hurrah! The right choice was made.

    That means you win £200 and send yourself the artwork, yes?

  2. Well they've taken and paid for the original artwork already. Though what they do with it now, I don't know! Ebay it perhaps?!

    As for the £200, it would be nice to think I'd get it as, technically, I am the winner. But I suppose as the creator of the drawing I'm kind of at an advantage when it comes to the caption that fits best ... though that doesn't seem to have helped some of the cartoonists in the past!

  3. Whoop Whoop! Go cartoonists!

    Mine's next - pressure's on after a sterling innings by R Robertson.

    I personally think they made a bad choice of cartoon for a caption contest, as I think the caption's pretty obvious. But hey-ho. Let's see how the grubby public do.

    (Great toon by the way. Love the dials and buttons in the background)

  4. Appreciated, Huw, as the drawing was quite a lot of work. Was yours last month's chip shop one (I couldn't see a signature on it) ? If so, I agree that there was one obvious caption!

  5. Yeah that's right. The one with the slug, an animal averse to salt, and the chip shop owner in the act of pouring salt on his chips...that one.

    Do they deliberately remove the signature then? I was a bit put out by that.

  6. Don't think they usually do. They didn't remove mine, and the current one (by Len) has the signature clear. Maybe they had to crop it for the space. Anyway, hopefully you'll get your moment of glory when your caption wins!



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