Monday, September 7, 2009

Press cartoon: Reverse caption competition

I took part in the "reverse caption" competition at the Cartoonists' Club public forum again this week. The caption was "I've just realised where we went wrong" and this was my entry.

I was pleased, and not a little surprised, to be able to get a topical joke in there. Didn't win though, I came fourth. So much for satire.

Fact: the shorthand on his notebook is genuine Teeline shorthand, dimly remembered from my days as a news reporter. It says,"We're totally f-----!" Maybe I'd have got more votes if I'd flagged that up. Or perhaps not.

Royston's portfolio website


  1. impressive detail, sir! that chap looks a bit like you, too. the quiff has become rather dishevelled of course, owing to being on the street...

  2. Yeah, the "self portrait" thing just sort of happens by accident. Often I'll change some character details, so as not to appear like some kind of egomaniac (to people who know me, at least!) but I didn't bother here as it was done quickly.

    You're not immune to this yourself, of course, I've definitely seen a few Wilburs in your cartoons ;-)

  3. I think it's the first topical one we've had in the caption contest.

    I always seem to end up drawing my dad into cartoons. Maybe I'm future self-portaiting?

  4. I draw him as well! My dad that is, not yours. That would be weird as I've never met your Dad. Thanks for dropping by, Huw.

  5. Egads, what kind of profanity laden filth did I vote for?

    Yes, noticed the self portrait too. I look forward to your drawing of Huw's dad.

  6. I've done a few cartoons with profanity in them lately. Not sure why, as they're a tough sell. Having said that, I did managed to sneak a "b*****d" into the current Private Eye, but then Quentin Tarantino has one in the title of his new film. (At least mine is spelt correctly.)



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