Monday, October 11, 2010

Fairytale cartoon: Health & Safety gone mad

It's inevitable, with the amount of cartoons you produce working for magazines, that you like some more than others. This one I thought was just OK, a solid enough joke but generally I'd call it a batch-filler.

So, of course, it was the only one that sold in a recent batch sent to The Spectator, and can be seen in this week's issue.

Originally, I drew it for the CCGB online cartoon contest, in one of the weeks where you have to come up with a captionless cartoon. The theme was "Hot". However, completely "silent" cartoons, i.e. with no wording in them at all, are preferred, so it didn't do very well!

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Royston, made me grin. I like the idea of silent cartoons. Health and saftey is bonkers and now people who are 'in charge'hide behind it rather than have enough gumption to make a decision. GRRRRRR.
    Glad you sold one, I hope you sell loads more. Don

  2. Thanks, Don. Yes, I've done quite a few H&S cartoons. It's a good subject for humour and touches a nerve with people.



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