Thursday, October 14, 2010

Private Eye Christmas cards

'Tis the season to be thinking about how near Christmas is getting, and Private Eye is on the case with its usual pack of festive cards for sale. And this year one of them is by me.

That's mine second from bottom on the right-hand side. I'm not putting it on here just yet, but you can see it on the site or, better still, buy sets of 12 cards online.

And if you'd like me to draw a Christmas card for you, it's probably a good idea to start thinking about it. Annoying, I know, but true!


  1. This is great Royston!
    I love the colouring in this - the blue shadow for the audience is a really nice touch.

  2. Thanks, Tim. Yes, I kind of pulled out all the stops on this one as it's such a high-profile job. Er, not that I don't do that for all my clients ... [backpedals furiously]



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