Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Page three cartoonist

Look, I wasn't going to mention it again, but they've only gone and put me on page three of the local paper. Shame about that grimace. Click to enlarge or read it here: Your Thanet

Update 6.11.09: Here's another cutting, click it to enlarge. This appeared in today's Kent Messenger. More egg-based wordplay!

Royston's portfolio website


  1. That's a great write-up, Broadstairs scribbler!

  2. I shall henceforth always introduce myself as the Broadstairs Scribbler!

  3. Nice piece Royston. That 'Let it Bleed ' answer's gonna take some topping at the Big 2010 Shrewsbury Pop Quiz Bar Challenge, Mate.

  4. Cheers, John. I've never even heard the album, not being a huge Stones fan, I just knew the triv fact about Delia baking the cake for the cover! Maybe I should go out and buy it. Or maybe I'll just buy a cake.

  5. That b&w pic looks like you're not wearing a shirt. Wasn't page 3 was it?

  6. Ha, it's a grey T-shirt (same pic as in top right-hand corner of this blog) hence the unfortunate nude look in black and white!



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