Friday, October 30, 2009

Cartoonists victorious on TV's Eggheads

The Cartoonists on Eggheads, l-r, Alex Hughes, Royston Robertson, Robert Duncan, Graham Fowell and Martin Rowson

If you have yet to watch the show on BBC iPlayer and don't want to know the result, look away now: yay we WON!!!

And pretty convincingly too, becoming the first team to knock out each Egghead in the head-to-head rounds and then go on to win the show. Kevin Ashman, the last Egghead standing, who finally fell on a question about cartoons, if you can believe it, said it was "the most comprehensive defeat we've ever had". I like that quote.

To celebrate here's a rare shot of me smiling on the show (most of the time my face was in a grimace caused by sheer nerves!)

We all drew cartoons and caricatures of the Eggheads beforehand, which we revealed on the show. I drew CJ de Mooi as a Bond villain as that is the type of "Mr Nasty" character he likes to project! He got the joke, luckily, and really liked it. I only found out via a recent episode of Eggheads that he considers himself something of an expert on Bond films, so that was fortuitous.

Over at the Bloghorn there's another more detailed account of the Eggheads experience by team captain Alex Hughes: Cartoonists crack Eggheads Can I just say "Yay!" one more time?

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Love the caricature! Couldn't quite see it on the programme so I'm glad you've posted a copy! :o)

  2. Thanks, Tim. Yeah, it didn't get a close-up. My wife thinks it's because it was black and white. My theory is that as CJ was all smiles, saying he loved it, thus ruining the Mr Nasty persona, that bit had to go ;-) A lot of stuff was cut because we ran over time, with so many sudden-death rounds.

    Or maybe they just thought it was rubbish!

  3. Good to see the caricature (love it!) up close - I kept pausing the iplayer to try and see it!

  4. Thanks other Tim! The approval of my peers, well all the ones called Tim anyway, reassures me that maybe they did cut it out due to time restrictions rather than that they thought it was no good!



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