Saturday, October 10, 2009

Caption contest cartoon: Moon crash

Once again, this week I have taken part in the "reverse caption" competition at the Cartoonists' Club public forum . The caption was "Sorry, no thanks" and I found it a bit tricky. But I've only myself to blame as I set the caption, having won last week.

This one is a bit different to the usual gag cartoons I do, but it was fun to draw. And it was another chance to do a topical one. It just occurred to me, when the story about crashing spacecraft into the moon broke yesterday, that it's all a bit reminiscent of the famous Georges Méliès silent film Voyage to the Moon.

"Sorry, no thanks" is a phrase familiar to all cartoonists, by the way, as it is often what is written on rejection slips!

Here's the cartoon I won with last week, the caption was "Right, any more of that and you'll be sitting on the naughty step." Click to enlarge.

To me, the word "step" instantly meant Dalek joke opportunity! I'm always a sucker for a Dalek cartoon.

This next one, from a few weeks earlier, was less successful in the voting. I was surprised as I quite liked it. It was drawn for the caption "This is the best I could come up with" and I include it here as Antony Gormley's living artwork One and Another, which it spoofs, finishes next Wednesday (October 14).

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  1. I'm avoiding Daleks these days. Last time I did a dalek vs. stairs cartoon, I got a small storm of complaints saying that daleks can fly up stairs or whatever it was. Apparently it's not funny saying they can't!

  2. Ha, yes, I did wonder whether you can get away with Daleks v. stairs gags any more as they do fly in the new Doctor Who episodes. But I decided not to let such minor quibbles get in the way of a joke. It's one for "old school" Who fans!

  3. Alister BlockleyOctober 11, 2009

    And also in the 'Classic Who' story "Remembrance of the Da-" er, or something. I overheard a kid talking to his friend. Anyway, *I* liked the cartoon.

    Re NASA's moon-crash, I just wonder if they should be made to watch the first episode of "Space: 1999" before doing such things.

  4. OK, I admit it, I do remember that a Dalek was seen going up some stairs in one of the Sylvester McCoy episodes. But I ignored that too, after all hardly anyone was watching it then! You've out-nerded me by remembering the title though, Alister ;-)

    Oh, and you've lost me with the Space 1999 reference. I was never a big fan of that.



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