Monday, January 4, 2010

Swimming cartoon: A New Year tradition

As is the case with many UK seaside towns, there is a tradition here in Broadstairs which involves brave/foolish people swimming in the sea on New Year's Day.

Needless to say, I do not take part, the English Channel in January does not appeal, but I do tend to go along to watch/laugh. This cartoon was drawn to illustrate an article on the topic which appears in the current edition of Isle, a local listings magazine.

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  1. Why do they do it? Crazy!

    Great cartoon Royston.

  2. Thanks. In fairness, quite a few people who do it do raise money for charity. One guy I know who does it swims in the sea all year round anyway ... now that is crazy!

  3. great cartoon..they are a load of nutters !!

  4. HA...I really enjoyed that!

  5. The thing is wrapped up cosily in a block of ice, they dont feel the snow and the wind chill factor dropping the temperature down to minus 50, they're at a cosy 0, if we could get up to 0, we'd have the barbeque out...Maybe there is reason behind their total insanity, but then again probably not!

  6. An interesting argument, Tim. Trouble is, the swimmers still have to get their clothes off in the minus 50 conditions before they get into the water!

  7. I've only just seen this one, Royston. I actually did this at New Year and your cartoon captures the moment well!!



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