Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reader's Digest caption contest: update

UPDATE UPDATED (1/2/10): Voting has now closed. The winner will be announced in the March issue.

The caption options for Beat the Cartoonist are now on the Reader's Digest website. As usual, they are my original caption (anonymously, of course) along with three captions submitted by readers.

The choices are:

"Nice touch."

"Hanged for putting a plastic bottle in the dustbin. See what happens when you vote in the Green Party?"

The Britain in Bloom entry lacked sensitivity.

"You should have read my file. I have hayfever!"

The last time I was in the competition, my caption was the winner, although overall the readers are very much in the lead!


  1. I voted for the one which actually fits with the artwork!

    On another subject completely, I think the way you added colour to just the hanging basket is a nice touch. Yes, a very nice touch.

  2. Cheers, Tim. I often add a spot of colour to gags when I send them out on-spec, either if I think attention needs to be drawn to something in the cartoon or just to make it a bit more eye-catching.

    Then if the client wants it full-colour they can ask, but often they're happy with just the small amount of colour and it seems to be becoming something of a recurring feature in my cartoons.

  3. Nice toon - and nice caption...if indeed yours is the one I voted for. The other three are puny, pathetic efforts lacking the true class attainable only by proper cartoonists.

    Not that I'm at all bitter about being shunted off my own cartoon by Mr...nay...MRS Jo Public.

  4. Thanks, Huw. I think most people can probably spot which is the *original* cartoon, but whether or not it follows that they vote for it as the *funniest* is another matter. Anyway, here's hoping it's another victory for the Cartoonists. Fingers crossed.



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