Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life imitating cartoons. Part 3

"I don't think 'discrimination against lazy people' is a valid claim"

Time for another in my occasional series of cartoons that predict the future. And I think this must be the best one yet.

The evidence, above, is a cartoon from a careers textbook on the subject of job interviews from 2007. It accompanies a chapter called Equal Opportunities Issues. Ha ha, look, I made a ridiculous joke! That could never happen!

Fast forward to 2010 and we have a news story which broke this week: The word "reliable" in a Jobcentre advert was removed as it "may discriminate against the unreliable".

I'm beginning to think I should work for a think tank as a "futuroligist". Check out my previous posts in this area:

Life imitating cartoons. Part 1

Life imitating cartoons. Part 2


  1. as an unreliable person i'm delighted to hear of this breakthrough. we've waited so long for the barriers of ignorance to come down.
    our voice has not been heard until now -- yes, there have been rallies and protests organised, but unfortunately not many of us were able to make them...etc..

  2. Our time will come, brother. Probably. Don't know when. Not that I'm that bothered, to be honest ... etc ...



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