Thursday, December 2, 2010

Evolution cartoon: The job interview

"So ... where do you see yourself in four million years?"

Sometimes it pays to do a bit of picture research. I could've gone for the standard ape-like caveman look with this cartoon, but I decided to do a Google image search for artists' impressions of early man. It paid off I think. I might put him in some other cartoons ...

Royston's portfolio website


  1. like it a lot. i think you're right, your early man is great. hey, i might even put him in some of MY cartoons! ;)

  2. Sorry Wilbur, but Early Man (TM) is now a registered trademark of Royston Cartoons Inc.

  3. Great gag.

    Email on your way with an equal, nay, oppositely good gag...

  4. Thanks, Huw! Liked the gag you sent, but surely "oppositely good" means bad?!



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