Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunny weather cartoon: A word of warning

Protect your eyes: Never look directly at pale legs

We British love to talk about the weather, so here's a joke about the lovely sunny spell we've been having lately. This cartoon appears in the new issue of Private Eye.

They say we're in for a "barbecue summer", so get out and enjoy it. By way of a reminder, here's a weather cartoon from last summer.

"Why are we British so obsessed ... with talking about the weather?"

Royston's portfolio website


  1. Your cartoons hurt my sides! I am adding a link to you now!

    Btw I am an artist too ^_^ but I am not full-time


  2. Glad you like them, Eugene. Sorry to cause you any pain ;-)

  3. I like to use those cartoons in my english tests. it has benn a great tool. Thanks. May god keep blessing your life.

  4. Thanks but I prefer if people ask before using cartoons (hence the message on the right hand side below the profile) as there may be payment involved.



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