Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heaven Knows I'm Mozzerable Now

Last night I attended the AGM of the Cartoonists' Club in London. It was not the most fun meeting ever, as major changes are afoot at the club, so there was much raising of voices and pointing of fingers. (Not from me I might add!) However, I did come away with a couple of fun caricatures by Simon Ellinas, left, and Paul Baker.

I am of course, not the most difficult of people to caricature. Once you've got the qiuff, the glasses and the eyebows you've more or less captured me. Well, me or Morrissey.

Royston's portfolio website


  1. I like those caricatures.

    Now I'll have to go and find out what kind of yelling and screaming was going on at the Cartoonists' Club. Hmm ....

  2. It was just about trying to adapt the CCGB to the modern world, Mike. Some members are not sure about the kind of changes proposed. But the fact is, things are very different for cartoonists since the club was launched in 1960, so really it needs to adapt.

  3. Yes, I hear what you're saying. Like some of Keith Knight's suggestions for the NCS:

  4. Ha, that's great! A lot of that does apply.

    Plenty of people in the CCGB would certainly agree with the "cheaper city" idea! The club still meets in a (very expensive) pub off Fleet Street, The Cartoonist, which was once the home of the UK newspaper industry but has not been for many years. And, of course, with technology as it is now everyone works from home anyway.

  5. Perhaps the meetings should be held in cartoonists homes now? LOL

  6. Heh, that wouldn't affect me. If London is too far for many members they won't want to go to Broadstairs!

  7. Timely post! I was recently looking through the caricatures I've collected over the years and hoping to put them on my blog, after I'd recovered from weeping at the sheer cruelty of my fellow artists. :)

    AGM sounds like it was a particularly unpleasant way to spend an evening, which is a shame. Hope future meetups are more agreeable for all.

  8. Look forward to seeing your caricature collection. You're also very caricaturable! I remember seeing a good one that Hunt Emerson did of you.

    Yeah, there have been better CCGM meetings. But hopefully now that the air is cleared and changes are (hopefully) being made, we can move on.



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