Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Staff handbook cartoon: Computer trouble

"I told you not to open that attachment."

I was recently commissioned to draw a series of cartoons to illustrate an organisation's staff handbook. Here's one of them, it accompanies the section on computers.

The joke here was originally used in a gag cartoon which I sent out as part of an on-spec batch to all the usual magazines. It did not sell, but I always thought it was a fun joke, so I was glad to give it an airing (and get paid for it, of course) in a different context.

Rejected cartoons, or the jokes within them, will often get used somewhere other than the newsstand magazines, so the time spent on them is rarely wasted.

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  1. I know what you mean, Royston. I just sold a cartoon to Harvard Business Review that I first drew in 2002. That's technically a "golden oldie" in this day and age! They had rejected it twice before. Talent is good to have, but persistence is the key.

  2. Yes, sheer bloody-mindedness is the way to go! Congrats on the sale to HBR, Mike.

  3. Royston! That's happened to me - the opening an attachment and a weird hand came out from the computer and an evil face leered at me from the screen and the weird hand came out and nicked a glass of lager I'd left on the computer table, the evil face burped and then it all vanished and I was left with the Microsoft paperclip.

    Last time I open an attachment!

  4. Hmmm, that's interesting, Cathy. How many glasses of lager had you had prior to this? ;-)

  5. Only about 17/18 I think - after that I lost count!



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