Monday, April 6, 2009

Cartoons appreciated by their subjects

"It may surprise you to hear that, actually, morphine is the best medicine."

This old cartoon is to be reprinted to accompany an article written by, wait for it, a clown who works in hospitals, voluntarily giving his time to cheer up patients.

It's not often that someone who is effectively the subject of a cartoon gets in touch to say how much they appreciated it, but it's great when it happens.

Here's another example: This Reader's Digest cartoon was used in a lecture on black holes by a professor who is an expert in that field.

"I'm afraid there's a black hole in our finance department."

And here's my favourite example. Unlikely though it sounds, the original of this cartoon, which appeared in The Spectator, was bought by someone whose work involves Health and Safety regulations pertaining to fairground rides.
"Damn those Health & Safety guys."

If only this kind of thing happened with every cartoon, we cartoonists would be a lot richer!

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  1. Great examples, Royston.
    If only, indeed! I'm still waiting to be contacted by a cartoon loving vegetarian satanist and lactose-intolerant Masai.

  2. Thanks, Clive. Yes, I did think of listing examples where it's *unlikely* that the subject would ever be in touch, but I thought it might make the post too long ...


    OK, I've been thinking, but it's no good, you're gonna have to explain what the cartoon is for your example!



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