Life imitating cartoons. Part 2

"You're listening to Browse FM! Broadcasting to libraries across the UK!"

Unwanted piped music seems to be wherever you go these days. So when trying to come up with a cartoon on that theme, in February of 2008, I decided to think of what would be the most outrageous place you could have piped music. The library was the answer I came up with, and the cartoon above was the result.

Now, you may have seen this news story last week: Libraries criticised for playing music. Yes, it's another case of life imitating cartoons! And as the gag did not sell, it proves that punctuality is crucially important with topical cartoons i.e. just as a cartoon that is created too long after the event is useless, so is one that arrives too early!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here's my first Life imitating cartoons post, from last October.