Friday, January 30, 2009

I met a Dalek yesterday

I've only been to BBC Television Centre once before and the only famous person I spotted that time was James Robbins, the BBC News Diplomatic Correspondent. No offence, James, but meeting this fella was a bit more exciting.

I was at the Beeb with five other cartoonists to take part in the recording of the BBC2 quiz show Eggheads. I'll put the transmission date on this blog when I know it.

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  1. ooh yes you must tell us when it's on -- i bet that dalek team whipped your asses!

  2. That's the kind of photo to impress your kids with!
    Look forward to seeing Eggheads. Go Go PCO!

  3. Thanks, guys. Yes I should have mentioned that the team was all members of the PCO (Professional Cartoonists Organisation). I'm very conscious that I'm not allowed to say much about it before transmission. I'll shut up now.

  4. He's said too much already! Exterminate! Exterminate!



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