Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rejected cartoon: Rover and out

I have a topical cartoon in the current issue of Private Eye. This is not it. They passed on this one, and probably with good reason: you need to have a working knowledge of Patrick McGoohan's cult TV series The Prisoner to get it.

The gag made me chuckle though, so I thought, What the heck, I'll draw it up for my own amusement! If you don't get it, this may help: Wikipedia on Rover.

Or it may not ... nothing's very clear with The Prisoner. I was one of a generation of kids who were sat in front of the TV by their parents, when the series was repeated on Channel 4 in the Eighties, and told: "Watch this and see if you can tell us what the heck it's about. We didn't have a clue when it was shown in the Sixties!"

I can't claim to have understood it all, but I did find it hugely enjoyable, as is this musical tribute from little-known band The Times from 1983.

"Be seeing you!"

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  1. I was one of the 80's repeat viewers too - loved watching it at the time, but haven't seen it since. Worth revisiting?

    Think I mentioned to your before, I went to Portmeirion a few months back - enjoyable day out, and well worth a visit.

    Good gag. That's one sad looking Rover.

  2. Thanks, Tim. I haven't seen the show since either. I'd like to but it's unlikely, I don't have enough time even to watch all the current programmes that people tell me are essential viewing. Would love to visit Portmeirion though.

  3. never saw the prisoner...been to portmeirion though....

    nice one on the eye gag -- very topical

    oh and do you think you could update your bloghorn link please -- some of us depend on your 'most recently posted' blogroll, y'know.

  4. Thanks, Will. The Eye gag is topical but I thought of it last July! I put it on the back burner for the Oscars, but brought it forward when Kate Winslet did her thing at the Golden Globes.

    Have updated Bloghorn link (can't believe I forgot that after posting about the move!) ... glad to be of service ;-)

  5. surprising about the eye gag! tailor made for the winslet nonsense...although i suppose that kind of thing isn't exactly unusual...

    and thanks for the prompt fix of the blogroll -- of course i expected nothing less...

  6. Love the Rover cartoon. I too have been to Portmeirion - and had a nice day out driving a Ffestiniog steam train into the bargain!

  7. OK, I'm jealous now. Seems like everyone's been to Portmeirion except me. Wait ... what's that gas coming through the keyhole? ... feeling drowsy ... zzzz



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