Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turner skies and seagull cries

I work in a converted attic room. I'm not quite up to posting "the artist's studio" type pictures at the moment, too much mess and general chaos. And not in an interesting way. Instead I offer this view from the window at 7am this morning.

I'm not much into photography but I was quite taken by this sky. Sometimes you can see why Turner used to regularly come down to this part of the world to paint the skies.

The birds are seagulls, of course, and do not fly south for the winter as they're hard as nails. So we get to hear their shrieks all year round! People who don't live in seaside towns love the sound of seagulls. Quite often I'll be on the phone to clients, who are usually based in London, and they'll hear the seagulls, which results in them breaking off and saying, with a wistful note in their voices, "Oooh wow, I can hear seagulls ..."

UPDATE 29/11/08: Just had another one. "Ooh, are you by the sea? What a lovely sound!" I always agree politely, of course, rather than saying, "Not when you're working all day right underneath the bloody roof they are perched on ..."

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  1. Sea Gulls where I live its bloomin Parakeets sqwarking they like the Gulls dont fly south if they did they might encounter your Penguin

  2. Yeah, we've got the parakeets too. I had to rescue one that got stuck in the chimney (just above the fireplace, I hasten to add, I wasn't on the roof!)

  3. AnonymousJuly 15, 2010

    We got the ridges of our roof spiked at some expense to keep the seagulls away, but they perch just under the spikes and continue with their squawking. Why they are protected I just don't know.

  4. That's interesting info, Anon, as we were thinking of getting that kind of thing done!



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