Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cat and dog cartoons

Over the years I have done many cartoons on the subject of cats and dogs, including the one above which was in Private Eye in 2004. So when I came to do a revamp of my portfolio site recently I decided to create a gallery exclusively consisting of cat and dog cartoons from various publications, for all you pet lovers out there.

Here it is: Cat and Dog Cartoons. Enjoy (I hope no one's allergic?).


  1. That truely is a dog to beware of. scary.

  2. This strikes me as especially funny now that it's nearing governor and congressional election time in the United States where I live. I'd beware of that dog, too. I'm just lucky he doesn't have a telephone number to call from...or maybe I've already hung up on him before?

    The portfolio is great, but this one takes the cake for the entire collection.



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