Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cartoon portfolio site updated

It's been more than a year since I've updated the content on my portfolio website (click screenshot above to enlarge), but I finally got around to it this week.

I have added lots of magazine cartoons from the last year, as well as examples of cartoons and illustrations for books, leaflets, websites etc. that I have done recently.

There's no major revamp but I have simplified the site a bit. Whereas before each gag cartoon had its own page, I figure that in this broadband age you can put several on one page.

Here's the site:


  1. site's looking good mate.

    i also really like the way here on your blog, your bloglist now shows who's updated most recently -- in fact i've deleted them all from my favourites and started using your list to see who's blog i should look at.

  2. Hello Royston,

    How did you achieve the blog list facility? I too am with Blogger and would like to do the same. Your new improved blog looks very good.

  3. Thanks Chichi. Re. the blog list, you probably need to upgrade your template. It'll ask you somewhere if you want to do that (can't remember where exactly as I've already upgraded!) Once you have, you'll get access to "Layout" as opposed to just "Settings". This makes changing the appearance of the blog more flexible and gives you the ability to add "gadgets". Blog list is one of those.

  4. Ah thanks, yes, I am doing it now.
    Cheers, Royston.



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