Toilet humour

I have writen on this blog before about what a boon Google Image Search is for the cartoonist. But sometimes it's just a distraction.

Yesterday I needed a picture of a toilet in profile for a commissioned job (it's not as bad as it sounds!) Quite a tricky thing to draw, off the top of your head, if you want to get the curves and pipes etc correct.

I could have popped downstairs to the bathroom for some real-life reference, but what's quicker than Google?

The trouble is, putting words like "toilet" and "lavatory" into Google is asking for trouble. It turned up all kind of weird stuff and took me down avenues I should have avoided. Here are some samples, and this is at the acceptable end. Well, the least graphic anyway.

What is that guy doing in the first pic? It doesn't look like my idea of a good time.

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